Pace of Play Policy

Slow play, particularly on Saturdays, can be an issue. It has led to abandoned rounds with comments made on scorecards and the occasional email sent to the office.

Everyone should be aware that the course condition may greatly affect the pace of play. For example, fast, firm greens are, for the average golfer, more difficult to chip on to and putt on. The rough, which is longer during summer months, makes searching for a ball a lengthier process. Wet weather conditions can result in the course playing longer, hence, more shots and more time taken.
However, this is not an excuse for slow play.

The Rules of Golf requires the game to be played at a prompt pace (ref. Rule 5.6b).

Slow play is down to individuals who do not follow the Rule or carry out the procedures that enable a prompt pace of play. The ‘Player Behaviour’ and ‘Ready Golf’ posters on the notice board give examples of actions and procedures which every golfer should follow.
It is not the current policy of Edzell Golf Club to seek out and punish individuals who are alleged to be slow. Neither is it considered necessary to employ a Ranger to point out that your game is not keeping up with the game in front.

A reasonable time for a 3 ball in competition to complete a round at Edzell is about 3.5 hours. During the round, players should have the following times in mind:-

Leaving the 6th green – 1 hour 10 minutes after start time
Leaving the 10th green – 2 hours after start time

Just two points on the course where you can check progress and, if your game is failing to meet the guide times – PICK UP THE PACE.

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